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Toilets UNIQUE

Toilets PARMIS

Wall Hung Toilet

Wall Hung Toilet GRACE

Wall Hung Toilet ASTER

Wall Hung Toilet ORINET

Wash Basin

Wash Basin MARANTA

Wash Basin GRAVITY 75

Wash Basin DROP

Wash Basin VICTORIA 78

Wash Basin GL 9

Wash Basin GL 10

Product Price List

Product NameDescriptionPackage typeStockPrice ($)
Toilets PLAUTUSGrade ACustomAvailable95
Toilets PLAUTUSGrade BCustomAvailable93
Toilets UNIQUEGrade ACustomAvailable90.75
Toilets UNIQUEGrade BCustomAvailable83.15
Toilets PARMISGrade ACustomAvailable88.84
Toilets PARMISGrade BCustomAvailable86.75
Wall Hung Toilet GRACE, ASTER & ORINETGrade ACustomAvailable66.20
Wall Hung Toilet GRACE, ASTER & ORINETGrade BCustomAvailable65.27
Wash Basin MARANTAGrade ACustomAvailable20.20
Wash Basin MARANTAGrade BCustomAvailable19.39
Wash Basin VICTORIA 87Grade ACustomAvailable25.23
Wash Basin VICTORIA 87Grade BCustomAvailable24.38
Wash Basin GRAVITY 75Grade ACustomAvailable23.97
Wash Basin GRAVITY 75Grade BCustomAvailable23.21
Wash Basin GL 9 and GL 10Grade ACustomAvailable30.26
Wash Basin GL 9 and GL 10Grade BCustomAvailable29.56
Wash Basin DROPGrade ACustomAvailable22.67
Wash Basin DROPGrade BCustomAvailable21.91
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Rayka Trading Group is active in the field of exporting high quality, and diverse sanitary ware to neighboring and European countries. Our group is located in Fars province, Shiraz city. The porcelain offered by Rayka has features such as high quality, beautiful designs and reasonable prices. Which is the best choice for any home.

Rayka Sales Manager

Mohammadreza Shirazizadeh